You know you have a start-up itch when….

tablet-791051_640Just like one size does not fit all, not everyone is cut out for the start-up toil. It takes grit, determination and a tenacious can-do spirit apart from having a sustainable idea that could actually sell. So you want to find out if you have it in you what it takes?

Check if:

  • you’re too wild to be tamed and bound by 9-5 jobs, run of the mill work and bosses? A lot of us hate the above but that doesn’t make us the start-up kinda folk
  • Status quo is alien to you? To get your adrenaline pumping you need challenges? You’re always thinking out of the box and impatient and fearless about trying new stuff? You could be a person of that ilk!
  • You’re full of well thought through ideas? You’ve indoctrinated in you that “if life hands you lemons you’re going to make Caipirinha out of it”? You see solutions only, problems are a learning experience for you? Oh dear! You could very well be one of those!
  • You have a well thought through business plan with an adversity fund/plan, to keep you afloat while you’re testing the waters? If yes, you’re meticulous, man!
  • You know how to design great products, network, market and sell your products? You may not be a master of all but you certainly can be a jack of few. If you’re going to branch out on your own, you’ll not have a huge capital to get the jazziest of analytics products or hire expensive consultants from the inception of your company
  • In continuation with the above, you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and burning midnight oil to realize your dream?
  • Failure doesn’t deter you? What are you waiting for??

If you’ve gone through the above list and realized you embody most of the above traits, then jump on the band wagon… the world is your stage!

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